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solar sun flower panels manufacturer in Pune: Can Transform Your Energy

Welcome to MxPower Solar, We are renowned as best solar sunflower panels manufacturer in Pune. Let’s now discuss some modern solar energy technology: MxPower Solar Pvt. Ltd., a Pune-based company, offers solar sunflower panels. This is an innovative idea motivated by nature, not just another solar solution. Imagine using modern technology that tracks the position of the sun the whole day and has a structure replicating a sunflower to collect solar energy and manufacture as much electricity as possible. Now let’s get started!

Datasheet for Solar Sunflower

Material Description Sunflower small Sunflower Big
PV Capacity 750W 3500W
Diameter of the flower 4 mtr 6 mtr
Weight of the Structurel 500 Kgs 700 Kgs
Type of Panel Semiflexible Semiflexible
Solar Cell Type Mono Mono
No.of batteries 3 1
Battery type LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Battery capacity 60,48 & 18 160Ah
Mobile charger Yes No
No.of charging ports 4 N.A
CCTV Camera port Yes Yes
Flood lights inbuilt Yes No
No.of flood lights 4 N.A.
Wattage of floodlight 30W N.A.
DC-AC Inverter No Yes
Inbuilt MPPT Yes N.A.
Capacity of Inverter N.A 5Kw
Height of Stucture pole 3.5 mtr 5 mtr
Base of structure pole 500 mm x 500mm 500mm x 500mm
Concrete Foundation Yes Yes


  • Clean & Green Energy
  • Occupies hardly 1 of
    space on ground
  • Easy to Install
  • No External wiring required
  • Decentralized power generation
  • Good source of power apart from
    shade below the flower
  • No need of GRID electricity

What Exactly Are Solar Sunflower Panels?

What then is wrong with these solar panels in the shape of sunflowers? Picture a few solar panels installed above a sun-shaped mechanical construction. That’s okay, that’s nice. Besides just being visually interesting, this structure regularly tracks the path of the sun throughout the day to ensure that your panels are always facing the direction that will provide the maximum amount of sunlight. It’s like having a field full of sun-loving sunflowers with the bonus of being able to generate sustainable, clean energy.

Benefits of Solar Sunflower Panels

These solar sunflowers are not only amazing to look at, but they also offer a variety of health advantages.

Flexible Use in a Range of Conditions

Are you certain about the usefulness of these solar sunflowers? There are various options available.

What makes MxPower Solar different from others?

Selecting MxPower Solar means working with the best company in the industry. This is the reason why:

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