Foldable Solar Panel

Top Foldable Solar Panels Manufacturer in Pune: Improve Your Experiences with MxPower Solar Pvt.Ltd.

Introducing MxPower Solar Pvt. Ltd., the leading Foldable Panels manufacturer in Pune. Our innovative foldable solar panels offer a lightweight and reliable energy source for a range of uses, including independent living and camping outings when the power goes out.

The Variety of Foldable Solar Panel Technology Powerful Support While Traveling.
Consider packing your backpack with small, light solar panels and heading out on your next adventure. Because of its very lightweight design, our foldable solar panels are perfect for mobile applications and outdoor activities. Power is always available, no matter where you are—in an urban setting or through forests.

Datasheet for Foldable Solar Panel

Material Description Foldable small panel Foldable small panel Foldable small panel
PV Capacity (W ) 10 60 160
Each panel Wattage 5 30 5
No.of panels 2 2 2
Type of Panel Semiflexible Semiflexible Semiflexible
Solar Cell Type Mono Mono Mono
Vmp ( V) 5.3 19.25 19.25
Voc ( V ) 6.3 23 23
Imp ( A ) 1.8 3.1 8.3
Isc ( A ) 1.9 3.3 8.8
Size after fold 210 x 210 370 x 600 700 x 670
Size when open 210 x 420 600 x 740 1400 x 670
Back support Yes Yes Yes
Frame support for panel Yes Yes Yes
Total Weight ( Kg ) 0.9 4.75 7
Carrying method bag type bag type bag type
Output connection JB for connecting wires JB for connecting wires JB for connecting wires
Cover PVC coated canvas PVC coated canvas PVC coated canvas

Benefits of Foldable Solar Panel

Are You Prepared to Use the Power of the Sun?
Nothing should stop you from reaching your goals. Come see our selection of quality foldable solar panels by visiting MxPower Solar as soon as you can. Experience the comfort and flexibility of portable solar power—perfect for fans of the outdoors, independent living, and disaster recovery believers. Use MxPower to improve the enjoyment of your travels!

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