Solar Mobile Charger

Top Solar mobile chargers manufacturer in Pune: MxPower Solar

Introducing our Solar Mobile Charger, designed with an angular and attractive design to absorb maximum sunlight efficiently. Equipped with a powerful 2.25W Solar Mono Crystalline Panel and more than 19Wh of internal storage capacity, this charger ensures that you stay connected wherever you go.

This versatile device offers dual charging capabilities: harness the power of the sun by placing the charger in direct sunlight, or charge it through a 230V AC supply using a D-type 5V mobile charger. With its robust Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) battery, enjoy enhanced safety and a longer lifespan compared to traditional Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer batteries.

Consider Reusable Charging While Traveling

Your phone dies on you when you’re enjoying the beauty of nature in the great outdoors. A nightmare, actually? But do not worry! You can use solar energy to keep devices charged and ready to go with our solar mobile chargers. Stop using single-use batteries and encourage sustainable, easily available recharge that maintains connectivity.

The benefits of MxPower Solar Mobile Chargers

Apart from simple power banks, our solar-powered mobile chargers represent a new chapter in the history of portable charging. They are necessary for each ride for the reasons listed below:

Why choose Us?

Are You Ready to Make the Solar Power Change?
One dead battery cannot spoil your day. Experience the future of pocket electricity with MxPower Solar! To learn more about our range of solar-powered mobile chargers, contact us right now. You can also visit our website to make sure that your devices are constantly charged Thanks to reliable, long-lasting charging that keeps your internet connection active, it’s time to say goodbye.

Datasheet For Solar Mobile Charger

Sr.No. Material Description SMC
1 PV Capacity 2.25W
2 Size of the Battery bank ( L x W x H ) 205 x 95 x 55
3 Weight of the charger 200 gms
4 Type of Panel Semiflexible
5 Solar Cell Type Mono
6 No.of batteries 1
7 Battery type LiFePO4
8 Battery capacity 3.2V 6Ah
9 Mobile charger Yes
10 No.of charging ports 2
11 Charging current 2 Amp
12 AC charging option Yes
13 AC charging connector type ” D ‘ type.
14 Warranty for the product 1 year
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