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Solar Phtotovoltainc Modules

Solar Photovoltic Modules:
Making the most of the bright energy

We produce high-efficiency mono and polycrystalline silicon photovoltic modules in our production facility at Pune, India. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment from leading suppliers, robust in-house processes and systems to drive manufacturing excellence and a global supply chain and sales and distribution network, we are the preferred choice for products and services with ‘Made in India’ brand at a global scale.

We prefer to use our own modules for the solar plants that we execute as we believe that we sell the power and not just the modules. We assure that the quality of material used in the modules ensures best performance with minimum degradation over the years and also ensures faster payback with enhanced monetary benefits.



MxP06XX MxP12XX MxP60cXXX MxP72cXXX MxP1275 MxP12100 - 12150


A hassle-free and complete service offering

EPC is a combination of multiple services that simplify your life to the core. Comprising of Engineering, Procurement and Construction, the end-to-end service brings best quality products to you without any stress.

Engineering: Identification of site for solar installation
The first phase includes the detailed analysis of the site like:

  • Log in latitude and longitude of the site and understand orientation of solar panels
  • Perform Shadow analysis
  • Chalk-out engineering drawings like structural & electrical maps
  • Perform PVSyst analysis to understand monthly Solar generation
  • Select electrical material of best quality and specifications
  • Prepare GANTT chart for the project

Procurement: Sourcing the high quality material from trusted brands
We partner with leading international brands to offer you the best of:

  • Solar Module: We are the manufacturers of Solar modules which contributes to more than 60% of the plant cost and 100% of reliability of the plant. We ensure that raw material procured for the solar modules is from the top ten trusted manufacturers of the world in their respective category.
  • Inverters from the renowned manufacturers of the world with proper assurance of after sales service, including brands like Kaco, Delta, SMA etc.
  • AC/DC protection devices of the correct specifications from the top three manufacturers in the world like Littlefuse, Citus, Schneider etc.
  • Structure: We procure the proper galvanized structure with proper welding/bolting joints
  • Cables: We get the right standard of the cable at best cost

Construction: Building the plant as per the plan Our experienced team constructs the solar plant as per the engineering and the schedule as per GANTT chart. We ensure timely completion of the project to begin generation in time and save costs. You can get in touch with us for next 25 years of the plant life for any kind of assistance and service.

Solar Products

Solar Products

Solar Power To Brighten Everyday Of Your Life.

MxPower Solar manufactures a wide range of solar products to utilize the power of Sun to maximum capacity. From home lights, street lights, LED lanterns, pumps to luminaires, we offer you an opportunity to choose sustainable sources of energy for your daily needs and simplify your life in every way possible!

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Lights:

  • Microcontroller based solar charge controller
  • Protections: Battery reversal, PV panel reversal, no load, overload, battery deep discharge & battery overcharge
Solar LED Lantern

Solar LED Lantern:

  • High power Osram LED
  • ISO Certified
  • Zero Maintenance cost
  • MNRE/MEDA approved
Solar Home Light

Solar Home Light:

  • Solid-state with high shock/vibration resistant
  • Maintenance free, easy installation
  • Long lifetime 50,000+ hrs (5+ years)
  • Low power consumption with high intensity
  • Bus, shuttle, railcar passenger interiors
  • Focused reading and task lighting
  • Can be used for Interior design, retail store dis plays, closet illumination, cove lighting
Solar Pump

Solar Pumps:

  • This solar inverter with MPPT VF drive will give maximum torque even at minimum sunlight
  • There is no need of any battery, directly connect the panel to the inverter and the output of the inverter can be connected to a three phase motor
  • DSP based intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) will give 35% more energy
  • VF drive will give constant torque for wide range of intensity
  • Built in Dry Run protection
  • Built in Lightening Arrestor
Solar Embedded Roof (SER) Panel

Solar Embedded Roof (SER) Panel:

Most innovative & economical solution for rooftop solar plants

Totally waterproof & easy to install

No need of additional solar mounting structure

SER sheet comes with 10yrs mechanical warranty against manufacturing defects & 12 yrs 90% rated power & 25yrs at 80% rated output power

Zinc coated sheet with attractive powder coated colours to improve the look of the roof

Additional heat sink of solar panels to increase the efficiency of the panel in higher temperature ranges

High quality low iron, highly transparent, tempered textured glass ensure high light absorbtion

Metal sheet laminated on the rear side of the reduces moisture absorbtion & reduces the degradation of the panel

Easy to clean the roof

Reduces the cost & time for new premises or to convert from asbestos sheet to metal roof